Our Founder

Founder of Fitted Heart

Hello, my name is Vanessa, founder and owner of Fitted Heart. I am an entrepreneur with a dream of creating an Activewear brand with a purpose to change Lifes. I believe that Activewear shares the power of change and also encourage us to be active. 

During the last years of struggling with anxiety I found relieve and freedom in exercise. Activewear has been my armor to conquer all my battles and feel better. In 2022 Fitted Heart was born with those in mind who are also experiencing challenging life events and I wanted to create something that could inspire and motivate people to take care of their mental health with exercise. 
The brand's goal is to sell comfortable activewear to encourage people to work out for the mental health benefits it provides. Fitted Heart has become a successful business that not only provides stylish and comfortable activewear but also serves as a source of motivation for others.
Join us in this journey towards hope and change.
Welcome to the Fitted Heart!